Full order not received

I ordered 13 copies of the Spiritual Diary of Fr. Francis Mary. Of the Cross Jordan on 04/27/16. When I received the order I only received 6 copies with a letter from Canada Post stating that this was part of a mail article found without contents in their processing stream. Can you track this and see what happened and how I will receive the other 7 copies?

I paid but did not recieve the ebook. What went wrong?

I paid to have a book printed, received a confirmation email, and when I went to check my account it's showing no order history.   What is going on here?


Glad we were able to correct your issue

Dale replied 4 months ago (Tue, 31 May at 9:53 AM)

Replied to : whitejudy054@gmail.com 

Hi Judy White,

I have put in for a reprint of the 7 missing books. 

Ticket: https://thebookpatch.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/5564

Thanks from your Book Patch Team, 



Judy White replied 4 months ago (Tue, 31 May at 1:59 PM)

to : info@thebookpatch.com 

Thank you for the quick response?

Judy White

 thought i ordered and paid for 5 books. Can you check for me in your records ?

Please send your order number to info@thebookpatch.com

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