Can I use the ISBN I purchased for my paper book for my eBook?
No, each media needs its own ISBN number.
Add eBook To Bookstore
These instructions will show you how to add an eBook to the bookstore.  Please Note: Each eBook format (ePub, mobi and PDF) has to be added individuall...
Cancel eBook Order
These instructions will show you how to cancel an eBook order.  Please Note: Orders must be canceled before midnight (AZ time) of the day the order was...
Change eBook Retail Price
These instructions will show you how to change the retail price for your eBook. The retail price will be the same for each file format.  1. Login t...
Only For AuthorsDownload Current eBook File
These instructions will show the author how to download the current version of their eBook just in case they can’t remember which version they last uploaded...
Can I sell my eBooks on TheBookPatch.com?
Yes you can sell the electronic version of your book but you must have the printed version uploaded first and it must be listed in the bookstore.
Download eBook Files Purchased
These instructions will show you how to download the eBook file you have purchased. If you need assistance with loading the eBook files onto your devices, p...
Can TheBookPatch help me create the eBook files?
Sorry, TheBookPatch is not set up to create the eBook files. You will need to create them elsewhere and upload them to TheBookPatch for sale.
Install eBook File on Devices
These instructions will show the you how to install your eBook file on some of the devices out in the market today. Be sure to download the file(s) to your ...
The eBook I downloaded has mistakes like typos, grammar and layout, why is it sold this way?
The eBooks we sell on our site were created and uploaded by the author. We are not responsible for these issues.