These instructions will show you how to update your profit check address. The profit check address is where we will send your profit checks in the event that you meet the requirements to earn a check when listing your book in our bookstore. Each time we send you a check, we will send the check to this address no matter where we sent it before. The address is not correct, you may not receive your check in a timely manner and may have to wait an additional 90 days to get a new check sent out. If it important that you update this as soon as possible when needed. 

1. Login to by entering your email address and password and clicking the Log In button at the top right.

Update Profit Check Address - step 1

2. Click the My Account link located below the logo.

Update Profit Check Address - step 2

3. Click the My Profile tab.

Update Profit Check Address - step 3

4. In the Where Do We Send Your Checks section, enter / edit the information in the text boxes.

5. Click the Save button after you entered / updated your information.

6. Your information has been updated.

Update Profit Check Address - step 6