These instructions will show you how to calculate the author profits for each of your books. Profits are bases per book and not per author. Each book must meet the $40 minimum to have a check sent out. 

1. Login to by entering your email address and password and clicking the Log In button at the top right.

Calculate Author Profits - step 1

2. Click the Book Dashboard link located below the logo.

Calculate Author Profits - step 2

3. In the Published Book Projects section, click the book details button.

Calculate Author Profits - step 3

4. In the Retail Orders column in the Bookstore section, click the order number to view the actual order.

a. This area will show you the last 5 orders placed. If you have more than 5 orders you will need to click on the view all link to view the entire list.

b. Please note that for privacy issues we have removed the customer’s name and street address from the retail order receipts.

Calculate Author Profits - step 4

5. Use the equation below to calculate the profits for each retail order for this book. The image above highlights the numbers you will need for the equation. View each order to see how many books were in each order. The retail price does not include the tax, handling and shipping.

(retail price - wholesale price) * quantity in order = profits

6. Add the profits for each order together to get the grand total.