My money was stolen because After entering my credit card information, I was told that the information about my address didn't match (which it did).

I think that nothing went through and I go back to redue the address info and come back. It does it two more times and then I knew for a fact that my order was going to always lead me to that particular hurdle. Well I check my back account after ordering $33 worth of books 3 or more times when $33 was all I wanted to spend and my bank account just so happen to have shrank by at least $100. The site was pulling money from my account while acting as if my card had never gone through. I need every book that was purchased to  be mailed to me within 3-5 business days. Do right by people.

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I needed 20 reprints of my book 'Bohemian Rebel' and tried to submit this simple order. Unfortunately, the communication with you is severely limited and thus impersonal. My contact was Dale, very friendly, but thanking me always for contacting your company,til I had a complaint, because I was not getting anywhere. Then he suggested that perhaps I should look somewhere else. Well, I still need my reprints. Is there somebody in your company, I could talk to on the phone?

There are two reasons why you may see more than one charge.

If you received more than one confirmation email for your order:

Multiple confirmation emails indicate that you have completed more than one purchase.  For information about cancelling please see the order email.

If you received only one email confirmation, or if you tried to order twice and one order attempt failed:


When an order is submitted online there are two processes that take place: First our system verifies that the payment method is valid and that funds are available for the amount of the order, and the funds are reserved for the vendor. This is called an authorization. Second, the actual charge for the purchase takes place when the order is successfully completed. With a debit card, the only option for the bank is to disallow use of the funds in your account. 

If you see an authorization on your credit or debit card for a failed purchase attempt, it will be released back into your account according to the issuing bank's policy. This usually happens within three business days.

Hi. I bay a book from you. Never send me my recipe for the purchasing. Please send me my recipe. I don't see my order in my acc.

Frustrating to not hear anything or get an update because the original order number is wrong, and a correction and pictures were sent. Sent emails but no response.  1st order of 20 was poor quality, coming apart.  Impression given that something would be done.  Being patronized is not the solution.

I see the receipts in my e-mail but the thing one has to be able to do is be more careful with the shipping costs. I don't want someone paying an extra $10.00 for a $10.00 publication if they're domestic.  Can you guys figure out how to order internationally? 

I personally love the Book Patch and have not had any problems ordering, getting assistance or receiving what I ordered. Their pricing is great and when I spoke to a representative a few years again, he was very helpful in getting me started with creating and reordering my book.

I especially love the 100% return on profits and naming my own price for my book as it is important for the price to not be outlandish.  Another company I published with did not allow either. 

I've co-authored another book " September 23rd" and is now soliciting assistance with uploads. I'm pretty sure they will give me the same great service I previously received. 

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