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If I purchase an ISBN from The Book Patch, am I the owner of the ISBN?  Can I use the ISBN if I leave The Book Patch, but make sure I delete my book from The Book Patch?

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Did you ever get an answer to your question?

If so, I'd like to know as well. 

Thank you 

Here is some detailed information from Bowker

I got my ISBN from my printer and now I want to make sure it’s in my name, how do I transfer the ISBN?
ISBNs cannot be transferred on an individual basis. If a self-publisher wants to be identified as the publisher, the self-publisher must get their own ISBN. A printing company or publisher services company cannot sell, give away or transfer one of their ISBNs to a customer.

When an ISBN is purchased from Bowker the purchaser is listed as the Publisher of record, this does not include any rights to the book only the ISBN.  If an author wants to be listed as the publisher they may buy the ISBN directly from Bowker.  ISBNs cannot be resold or transferred to another owner, 

The Bookpatch registers the ISBN with the title and author, and that ISBN will always be registered to that title.

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