These instructions will show the author how to view the number of retail sales and number of downloads for their book. 

1. Login to by entering your email address and password and clicking the Log In button at the top right.

View eBook Retail Sales - step 1

2. After you log in you will be redirected to your Book Dashboard page. Click on the book details button to access your book’s detail page.

View eBook Retail Sales - step 2

3. In the Electronic Files section, look for the Books Sold label to see that number of retail sales for your book.

View eBook Retail Sales - step 3

4. To see the number of times your book has been downloaded, look at the # Downloaded row under each file format. The number of times downloaded will not add up to the books sold because the person that placed each order can download the files multiple times.

View eBook Retail Sales - step 4