These instructions will show you how to see all of the ISBNs you have purchased through You will be able to see the actual ISBN number (10 digit and 13 digit numbers), date purchased, current status, link to the invoice and a link to download the barcode image (Premium Packages only). 

1. Login to by entering your email address and password and clicking the Log In button at the top right.

View ISBNs Purchased - step 1

2. Click the My Account link located below the logo.

View ISBNs Purchased - step 2

3. Click the My ISBNs tab.

View ISBNs Purchased - step 3

4. Below you will see a list of ISBNs this member purchased and the information for each.

a. The ISBN-10 is the old 10 digit number that is being deprecated. We are still legally obligated to provide this number even though it’s not being used anymore.

b. The ISBN-13 is the new 13 digit number that replaced the 10 digit number. Always use this number.

c. Date Purchased

d. The Status with either be Not Registered, Registration Pending or Completed.

i. Not Registered means the member has not assigned the ISBN number to a book yet.

ii. Registration Pending means the member assigned the ISBN to a book but we have not completed the registration on our end yet. Could take up to 14 business days but usually done within 5 business days.

iii. Completed means we have registered your ISBN with Bowker (the only company that handles all of the US ISBNs).

e. Receipt shows a link to the members receipt.

f. Image shows a link that the member can click on to download an image file of the barcode. This is only available for an ISBN that was purchased with the Premium Package.