These instructions will show you how to easily order additional copies of your book. They work for books that are either listed as Private (not in the bookstore) or Public (listed in the bookstore). If your book is listed in the bookstore you can also order your book through there. 

1. Login to by entering your email address and password and clicking the Log In button at the top right.

Ordering Additional Books - step 1

2. Click the Book Dashboard link located below the logo.

Ordering Additional Books - step 2

3. In the Published Book Projects section, click the book details button.

Ordering Additional Books - step 3

4. In the Publishing Status section, click the Order a Book (Add To Cart) link.

Ordering Additional Books - step 4

5. Change the quantity and click the Add To Cart button.

a. You will see the retail price with a line through it and the wholesale price below it, this will only be seen by you when you are logged in. All other users will only see the retail price (without the line through it).

Ordering Additional Books - step 5

6. In the cart, make sure everything is correct and click the Proceed to Checkout button.

a. Click the Continue Shopping button if you want to add other books to your order.

Ordering Additional Books - step 6

7. Continue with the remainder of the process to complete your order.