I purchased an ISBN to use for a hardcover book. It fell through as the site I used keeps rejecting my cover. I would like to use the ISBN for another book and would like to know how to get this new information added to the ISBN since the number has not been used. If I cannot use the ISBN, I would like a refund.

I contacted Bowker who said it belongs go Victor Ostrovsky of The Book Patch LLC. I contacted thebookpatch who as to date has not answered my email. I will not be purchasing anymore ISBN's from the book patch because they have awful customer service. Is there anyone who can help me?

Yes I do. I never had this problem before when I brought previous ISBN numbers from the book patch. But now I don't know. I paid for it but haven't received anything but an email invoice showing I paid. I just want the number or a refund that simple.

I got an answer and I think they blanked it out. I am thinking I should have asked for a refund instead.

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