books have not arrived

On 20 Dec 2016 I ordered 8 of my books for $130.56.  They have not arrived. Where are they? Please send them. Thank you, LaRae Free Kerr

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The order number is 213982 and I had ordered 75 copies that were supposed to be here 14-18 days after November 23, 2020. That puts it at to December 7-to the 11th. No books, no movement on the so called tracking number.

I ordered 75 copies #213982  on November 23rd.  I have only received snarky replies from Dave. It would be nice to receive the order, even though it was too late for the roll out planned on Monday.

Please let me know what you ordered and when and any order numbers you may have. I will call the publisher to solve this problem. Thank you.

Good luck. I've had to resort to legal action.

How can I find out the status of Order 187655?

I thought I was sending the request to the Book Patch. I want you and everyone to get the books they order within the three week time period. If you don't get your books, I'll attempt to contact the Book Patch. Send me the information regarding the order, and I'll contact them.

Are you asking me to fill order or someone else?

Please fill order # 169862 as soon as possible. Thank you, LaRae Kerr

 am wondering where my order is ? I placed it on June 2nd.Order number is :


Please fill the order for japjon12345 as soon as possible. Thank you, LaRae Kerr

Please note that another order has not been filled.  Please fill it as soon as possible. Thank you. LaRae Kerr

The books I have ordered on June 07 2019 have not shipped (I did not even receive the shipping notice) My shipping order is #169791. Please send the books ASAP. Thank you very much.

I received a message sent 4 Feb 2019 that Diane Coffelt had not yet received her order, nor had she received shipping information. Her order was placed 21 Jan 2019 #159171. Please send her the book[s]. Or notify both her and me that the book[s] have been shipped. Thank you.

Book ordered and paid for with credit card on Jan. 21, 2019, but never received. Original order number was 159171. Never received shipping information either. Please send book asap. Thank you.

The money from the order that never came was refunded. I would now like to reorder and get another book up. Is all safe and ready to do so?  Thank you.

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